How Our Faith Should Be On GOD


A child is preparing a kite.He added beautiful colors to it and made it so colorful.Once it is prepared he started flying it.Based on the weather condition,he is flying it accordingly. The kite is sometimes going up and sometimes coming down.Kite felt so happy and enjoying its stay there.

A bird seeing this from far came to this colorful happy kite and started talking to the kite.
Bird : Hi, you seem to be so happy.
Kite : Yes.
Bird : Why are you stopped here, you can still fly high.
Kite : No, My owner is controlling me.I should follow and act according to him.
Bird : If you listen to him, then you will always be in his control.If you break the thread then there is no limit to you.You can fly as much as you can.

Kite fallen in to the bird words and broke the thread.It started flying high. It tried to go up in to the sky but could not make it and fallen in to some tree of thrones.Child came running towards the kite and bought it back from thrones.Child got so many scratches with blood due to the thrones.The Kite realized the truth that it shouldn't have listened to the bird words. Child made the broken kite in to an colorful kite and again started flying it.The Bird came to the kite this time also and started telling the same to fly high but this time the kite ignored its words and dint even bothered to listen.From that day the bonding between child and kite was good and they played happily.

In this story we are the kites and Jesus is the child.Our prayers,belief and faith is the thread.We should act accordingly as Jesus said and do not break the thread of our faith in him.If we ignore him and listen to Satan then we will be misguided and fallen in to the tree of thrones.In the story Child brought the kite some times down looking at the weather condition, in the same way in our life also we may get ups and downs, that doesn't mean the life is over.GOD knows the situation and he acts accordingly.The child bought back the kite by going in to the thrones,in the same way Jesus shed his blood for our sins.The kite believed the child on all times, whether he is pulling down or sending him up.In the same way believe all ups and downs you face in your life are for our better future.As the child made the kite colorful, our life will also be colorful if we Believe in him and keep faith in him (John 3:15).

Praise The Lord /\