Why God Delays Answer To Our Prayers


One day, a poor old woman is passing by a vineyard.She stands still by looking at the well grown fruits. The Gardner observes the old woman and asks 'Do you want grapes?'. She looks at him and replies, “I would be so glad if you atleast give me the grapes which are fell down".

The Gardner replies “Go and get the basket of whatever size you wish for, I will fill that up with the grapes and give you.” The Old Woman immediately gets a basket from her home and puts it in his hand.The Gardener takes the basket and says to wait there until he gets the grapes and goes in to the vineyard.

Outside the garden, the old lady keeps looking at the entrance so eagerly waiting for him. Time is passing by but the Gardner will not show up.At first she starts suspecting the Gardner wether he will come or not, later thinks she has been deceived.After some time she starts denouncing the gardener.

After so much time the gardener returns with the basket full of best grapes. By returning the basket the Gardner says "I'm so sorry for keep you waiting.Here are the grapes you are hoping for.I don't want to send you with some random and fallen grapes.So, I bought the best and delicious grapes from our garden by checking each one,that is the reason it took this much of time."

By looking at the grapes and listening to the words of Gardner,the old lady eyes turn in to tears with sadness.She feels very bad for suspecting and denouncing him.She says so many thanks to him and leaves to her home with basket full of grapes.

So Friends, Have you come to the presence of God to tell your difficulty, your loss, your hope, and your desire? Are you still looking forward to his answer?

Don't loose your hope, he will give you the best answers and fruits that God has saved for you like the Gardner.Your answer will be delayed in order to give you the fullest answer, to clean your tears, your disappointment and despair.

Wait for his answer with faith, hope, and patience. And in the Lord's name,do not turn away from the blessing of God. Just remember what has been said in Matthew 7:7 .Our Father is the best Father who can give us more than we can imagine.

Share this message to everyone who is waiting for the answer of God.

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